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A Note From the
Executive Director

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It is the highest honor and privilege to be elected as Executive Director of the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association (TSA) by the distinguished Sheriffs of the great State of Tennessee.  The office of Sheriff is one rich in history with an ancient origin referenced in the Holy Bible (KJV) in the book of Daniel and traced back to around the 9th century to medieval England.  The Sheriff is the oldest continuing, non-military, law enforcement entity in history.  The Sheriff is a unique position, approved as a constitutional officer, and known as the highest law enforcement authority in each county, answering only to we the people. The office of Sheriff has been provided for in each of Tennessee’s three constitutions (1796, 1835, and 1870) and was retained in the latest amendment in 1978.  Working for and with the 95 Sheriffs of Tennessee is a humbling and rewarding experience.


Sheriffs of Tennessee are among the most respected officials locally and across our state.  Together we have worked diligently to enhance professional standards in the office of Sheriff.  Through higher standards to qualify for the elected position and improvements in executive level training, we are seeing more Sheriffs called upon to serve on local, state, and national level committees and boards.


Tennessee Sheriffs stand united 95 strong working with multiple agencies at the local, state, and federal level to keep all Tennesseans safe in their daily lives.  Each are committed to the demands placed upon their office.  Such demands include Statutory duties and the foundation for all elected offices; the Oath of Office.  The Oath of Office is standardly an oath to support the constitution of Tennessee and the United States.  A Sheriff’s Statutory duties are keeping the peace, attending the courts, serving the process and orders of the courts, and operating the jail.


Working together; the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association Staff, Sheriffs, and Members will continue the mission that began in 1971 as a non-profit educational organization. We will promote better and more effective law enforcement as we bring the Sheriffs into close association to improve and encourage a greater level of effective and efficient law enforcement executives. This forum for exchange of knowledge and experience among all Sheriffs will facilitate to the overall leadership abilities and maintain the honor due the office of sheriff.


“In God We Trust”

“Leadership in Law Enforcement “

“95 Strong”



Jeff Bledsoe

Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe, Ret.

TSA Executive Director

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