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TSA Renewal Process

Explanation of the mailings you receive and the use of the funds.


  • Membership runs January – December


  • Each January, our members receive an annual “Membership Renewal 1 Notice” which includes your yearly card and 2 decals.

    • Please let us know if you do not receive your credentials.

  • In April, members receive a “Membership Confirmation” (Thank You / Donation Letter) for members who are current or a “Membership Renewal 2 Notice” for members with dues still outstanding. This depends on when our vendor needs their list.

  • Annually in October/November, our members receive our “Fall Special Appeal (Donation Letter) & Official TSA Merchandise Brochure Newsletter”. Your membership must be current to be eligible to order merchandise. This is also dependent on when our vendor needs their list.

    • The Newsletter Appeal is a special request for an extra tax-deductible donation for the end of the year, in addition to your annual membership dues.


If you have any questions or a need for clarification, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


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